Wasted Words

I could tell you Of the sun   Of how to speak To walls And make wet autumn leaves Crunch   I could tell you Of a girl Whose voice carried her Across the Atlantic   And I could tell you Of the dangers That lie in her self-made sea   I learned Long ago … More Wasted Words

Invisible Man

Where are you?   Are you here?   I can feel you In the air   I can smell you In the embers set alight By my flame   My smile shines A beacon on you, Invisible Man   My dreams tell me You linger At the end Of every corner   They do not … More Invisible Man

Hide & Seek

Come out I know you’re there   You hide In the shadows of the sun   You’re waiting for me I’m here My heart is sending out beacons For you   I know you’re afraid Meeting me will be The end Or that we’ll implode Bursting with uncontainable joy   But I am not your … More Hide & Seek


So, this is a little late in the making, but it’s all good. I had originally published a welcome post when I first began this blog, but the whole concept changed so I thought the welcome post ought to too. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this and visit my … More Welcome!

Housewarming in My Mind

Come inside.   Come on in, don’t be shy.   The paint on the walls has just about dried.   Come on in, and feel it. Place your hands against it.   That’s right, let them glide.   Oh, don’t be afraid.   All those screams you hear, they’ve been locked away.   Remaining forgotten. … More Housewarming in My Mind

Family Lunch

Sitting at the table Heart racing   I’m afraid to breathe Afraid to see Afraid to just be   My heart Steals air from my lungs And my hands stumble Across cold wood Wanting to hold To be held   My jaw Clamps around my cheek Drawing blood   I’m reminded I am alive   … More Family Lunch

Going ‘Home’

My tongue fumbles around Clumsily trying to speak Your language   I trip over it And find myself In the ‘FOREIGNERS’ line   Queuing with my western passport My provocative attire And strong accent   But you have branded me Burned your identity into me Giving me two faces Neither complete Both hungry For wholeness … More Going ‘Home’


I speak in a language Only doctors understand My letters melting Into each other In one confused scribble On a prescription pad   My heart bleeds Where my mouth speaks And my tears wash The blood away   I have not drowned, I remind myself   But I wake up To the sound of waves … More Subtitles